Conservation Area

Visiting Heart Lake Conservation Area

10818 Heart Lake Rd., Brampton Ontario

Heart Lake Conservation Area officially opened in 1957. Before that however, farmers families made the trek the area to enjoy fishing and swimming. Located on the north end of the Village of Heart Lake, just off of Highway 410, before Mayfield Rd., Heart Lake Conservation Area offers a variety of outdoor activities revolving around the heart shaped lake at its centre.

Heart Lake takes it name from the spring-fed kettle lake, that is shaped like a heart and located within the Etobicoke Creek watershed.

There are more than 8km’s of scenic nature trails, rainbow trout fishing (hundreds are stocked each year), boat and canoe rentals, and 14 private picnic sites with barbecue facilities. The newly added splash pad is a hit with families of all ages on hot summer days.

Heart Lake Conservation Area ammenities:

Pool and Splash Pad

Heart Lake’s 840 square metre pool and splash pad features 30 wetland themes water features, and uses a state of the art water conservation technology. All located in a natural wilderness surrounding.

Hiking Trails

There are over 8km’s of scenic nature trails located within Heart Lake conservation area.


14 private picnic sites are located throughout Heart Lake Conservation Area and can easily accommodate large and small groups.

Fishing in Heart Lake

Heart Lake is stocked with trout fish reared from Glen Haffy Conservation Area fish hatchery.


Pedal and row boats are available for rental to explore the lake.

Bird watching

With many different species of birds throughout the conservation area, its a birdwatchers paradise, close to home.


For more visitor information and rates for Heart Lake Conservation Area, visit the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.